Recreation Plantation man arrested on DUI charge after driving without headlights

Brian Stoner

A Recreation Plantation man was arrested on a drunk driving charge after he was caught driving without headlights.

Brian Stoner, 55, who lives in the RV park on County Road 466 in Lady Lake, was driving a white Chevy truck with the vanity license plate “HOG TIED” in the wee hours Thursday morning on U.S. Hwy. 27 in Leesburg when a police officer noticed the vehicle’s headlights weren’t on, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Stoner was issued a written warning for driving without headlights.

The deputy suspected Stoner had been drinking and invited him to participate in field sobriety exercises. Stoner refused to provide a breath sample.

He was arrested on charges of DUI and refusal to submit to a breath test. He had previously been arrested for refusing to submit to a breath test. He was booked at the Lake County Jail on $2,000 bond.