Villager could face fines for lights that could ‘light up a football field’

A Villages homeowner could face fines for bright lights that are powerful enough to “light up a football field.”

A complaint was received July 25 about the bright lights at the home of Charles Anderson, located at 625 Ybor Lane in the Callahan Villas in the Village of Osceola Hills.

The complaint specifically was about the exterior motion detector lights that have been shining directly into a neighbor’s home.

The lights mounted on this house spurred a complaint.

A public hearing about the lights was conducted Thursday afternoon before the Community Development District 10 Board of Supervisors.

Anderson claimed the lights at his patio villa are shaded but also confessed they were bright enough to “light up a football field.” He later said the lights are “frosted.”

Anderson testified about the situation during the public hearing.

“Me and my neighbor don’t get along. I have the lights so the dog can go poop at night in the back of my home,” he said.

625 Ybor Lane

He said he bought the lights for $150 at Home Depot. He said he mounted the lights according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

“The lights are perfectly legal,” Anderson said.

The board didn’t see it that way.

“In this case here sir, the problem is your lighting is a nuisance,” said CDD 10 Board Chairman Don Wiley.

Anderson had an answer for that.

“They’re lying,” he said of the complainant.

Candice Dennis of Community Standards offered that if the lights were pointed directly downward it could solve the compliance problem, as the light would be shining within Anderson’s property line. That suggestion wasn’t palatable for Anderson.

The board found him in violation of deed compliance and gave him three days to correct the problem. If he does not bring the property into compliance, he will face a $50 fine followed by daily fines of $25. If the fines reach $1,500, the case will be turned over to District Counsel to seek all available remedies which could include a lien or a lawsuit.