Villagers warned about scammers posing as SECO Energy inspectors

Villagers and other area residents are being warned about a scam involving a local utility provider.

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that scammers posing as SECO Energy employees are contacting residents and offering energy inspections to help them save money on their monthly utility bill. SECO has told the sheriff’s office that this is a scam and the company is encouraging its customers to call (352) 793-3801 if they have any questions or believe they are being targeted by scammers.

This isn’t the first time this year that Villagers and area residents have dealt with scams connected to SECO Energy. In August, the company issued a warning stating that Villagers were targeted in a scam demanding payments within 30 minutes so their service wouldn’t be cut off. And in January, the company reported a similar scam threatening disconnection of service if payments weren’t made immediately.