‘Unhealthy, unsightly’ mold on villa could lead to fines for Villagers

The owners of a villa in The Villages could face fines after resisting an order to clean mold off the exterior of their home.

The home of Michael and David Joseph at 582 Lacy Place in the Audrey Villas in the Village of Amelia was the subject of a public hearing Friday morning before the Community Development District 6 Board of Supervisors.

A complaint about the home was received Aug. 8 by Community Standards.

The Josephs told Community Standards the mold had been cleaned off, but a check revealed that while the mold had been cleaned off the villa gate, the mold remained on the rest of the home.

Mold has been documented on a home in the Village of Amelia.

“Personally, I’m surprised someone would let this go on so long. It’s not just unhealthy, it’s unsightly,” said CDD 6 Chairman John Calandro, as he reviewed photographs which had been submitted as evidence at the public hearing.

The board voted unanimously to find the homeowners in violation of deed compliance. They have been ordered to clean off the mold within three days or face a $150 fine. They will also face daily fines of $50 until the home is brought into compliance.