‘Fennvy’ prompts CDDs to update Architectural Review Manual

Envy by Villagers of something they’ve been seeing in the Village of Fenney and newer sections of The Villages is prompting community development district boards to make changes to their Architectural Review Manuals.

An example of the accenting that is occurring in the Village of Fenney and newer Villages.

Neighbors north of State Road 44 have been down to Fenney and have seen how accent colors have been used on homes. That has led to numerous requests of the Architectural Review Committee for permission to do likewise.

“When new products are brought into the new areas, people see those and want to do it, too,” said Candice Dennis of Community Standards.

The exact language change is below:

“2.13 Painting of Residence (Base, Trim, Accent – Use of Siding/Cladding)

Home units:  ARC approval is not required if the chosen color is the color used at the time of original construction, a color included on the current District approved color palette or a color within the hue range of the palette or the siding/cladding is harmonious with the remainder of the home.  All other re-paintings shall submit an ARC Application Form. For purposes of this section, the gable on the home is considered an accent and may be painted a color that varies from the base color so long as it is on the approved color palette, within the hue range of the palette, or an ARC Application Form is submitted and approved by the ARC. Only solid colors that are harmonious with the surrounding neighborhood and will benefit and enhance the entire subdivision in a manner generally consistent with the plan of development thereof shall be approved by the ARC. Hot, electric, neon or bright colors are not permitted.”

This revision will apply only to home units and does not affect the courtyard or patio villa painting guidelines.