‘The Blameless’ tells story of family trying to recover after school shooting

Don Simson

The Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville’s latest production of  “The Blameless,” by Nick Gandiello, is a masterful solution to a tragic event that allowed two opposing families to try to heal.

Following an event that mirrored massacres at other schools, we meet the Garcia family, from New York, dealing with the loss of their son in a similar tragedy.

Upon receiving a letter from Mr. Davis, father of the shooter, the family agrees to meet with him. Mr. Davis’ son was also killed.

“The Blameless” runs through Nov. 3 at the Hippodrome Theater.

How the two families react is the basis of the play and how they are each coping with a terrible event that has left deep scars in each family.

The play leaves one to think, “How would I cope and would I be able to allow the father of the attacker into my house.” After hearing his side, is it really any different from what the Garcia family is experiencing?

Director Stephanie Lynge has captured the real essence of this powerful play, spiced with some good normal family humor.

It is one not to miss and well worth the trip to Gainesville. “The Blameless” will run until Nov. 3. Tickets can be ordered by contacting thehipp.org or by calling (352) 375-4477.

Villager Don Simson reviews local theater for Villages-News.com