We don’t need For Sale signs at homes in The Villages

To the Editor:

In regards to For Sale signs being needed in front yards.
This is 2019, not 1959. No one drives around looking for For Sale signs. We can sit in our air-conditioned homes look at on our phones or computer. We can see EVERY home for sale, we can chose price, area, number of bedrooms etc. Then we can look through pictures of interior and exterior of entire house. The garage, the back yard, the kitchen etc.
Your real estate agent will put a small sign in your window.
So many dozens of homes are bought and sold every week that if you ask an honest price your house will sell in days….so a sign in your front yard is not needed in the modern world.
Only signs I can think of that are useful are garage sale signs which are in place for few hours and then gone.

Jim Krysiak
Village of Bonnybrook