Bad Parking in abundant supply during season of Entitlement

Here we are in the holiday season when The Villages is bulging at the seams with guests, family, grandchildren and snowbirds. Let’s raise our goblets to the Bad Parkers living in our midsts.

Bad Golf Cart Parking at Publix
Wal-Mart in Summerfield
Bad Parking at Bank of America on Parr Drive in The Villages.
Using two spaces at La Plaza Grande
Bad Parking at Pinellas Plaza
Time for a haircut!
Behind Red Sauce at at Lake Sumter Landing
Taking two spaces at Eisenhower Recreation Center
Bonita Postal Station
Taken behind City Furniture at Sumter Landing.
Southern Trace Plaza
Double Bad Parking
Smart Parking
Freedom Pointe
Rio Grande Postal Station
Golf cart on the grass
Reserved parking
Handicapped parking
Pinellas Plaza
Havana Country Club
Kia parking
Pickleball Courts at Fenney
New England Patriots/Boston Red Sox Fan
Parked on the sidewalk at Spanish Springs
Over the line at Brownwood
Over the line at Moyer Recreation Center