Villager won’t be prosecuted after allegedly making threats to wife

Michael Courson

A Villager will not face prosecution after allegedly making threats to his wife in August outside their home in the Village of De La Vista North.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies responded on the night of Aug. 29 to the home of Michael Archie Courson, 54, in the 1600 block of Durango Drive.

Courson’s wife of six years said that Courson got “in her face” during an argument. He yelled at her and encroached on her personal space, according to the arrest report. When he was yelling at her, he had a closed fist and said he would hit her. She slapped him in the face and pushed him to get away.

She attempted to retreat, but the Georgia native walked toward her and “again encroached her personal space in a threatening manner,” the report said. He allegedly pushed her and said he would, “Put her down.”

She told deputies that Courson “gets short tempered and easily angered when he drinks,” and she believed he had been drinking.

“It should be noted that (Courson) is 220 pounds and approximately 6 feet 3 inches and the victim weighs 110 pounds and is approximately 5 feet 3 inches,” the deputy wrote in the arrest report.

Courson was arrested on a charge of battery.

However, the prosecutor’s office has announced that no information will be filed in the case.