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Executive key to success of The Villages cuts last remaining tie

Gary Moyer

An executive who has been key to the success of The Villages is cutting one of his last remaining ties to Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Gary Moyer is resigning his seat on the powerful Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors.

“I have enjoyed being part of The Villages since 1992, and I consider The Villages to be the best example in the State of Florida using CDDs to be an integral part of the development of one of the most premier communities in the United States,” Moyer wrote in his resignation letter.

Moyer helped state legislators write the law creating such districts. At one point, his firm was managing 250 special districts and municipalities in the Sunshine State.

Moyer teamed up with H. Gary Morse in the early 1990s and was critical to the unparalleled success of The Villages. Up until last year, Moyer served as vice president of development for The Villages.

Moyer, who heads the Moyer Management Group in Celebration, indicated he is resigning from the VCCDD Board “because the monthly meetings conflict with meetings for other CDDs that I still manage in central Florida.”

Earlier this year, Moyer resigned from the Amenity Authority Committee. He was replaced on the AAC by Robert Chandler IV, who also succeeded Moyer as a member of the management team for The Villages.

Gary Moyer and Gary Lester, center, in 2016 cut the ribbon at the Moyer Recreation Center.

In 2016, a ribbon was cut on the Moyer Recreation Center, named in his honor. Nearby Moyer Loop is also named for the man who played such a vital role in the development of The Villages.

Moyer has recommended that Kelly Flores, a former Developer-selected supervisor in Community Development District 8, be appointed to fill the vacancy created by his resignation. Flores works for Technology Solutions Group, the company which provides technology support, including internet access, to The Villages District government.

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