Let’s make America productive again

I’m back on my soapbox again. Our choices for a new President two years ago left a lot to be desired on both sides of the political fence.
There’s no doubt that President Trump is an unconventional leader. Let’s face it, he’s said and done a lot of things that you and I have only wished for, but were afraid to speak out. But, the stock market is up, the economy is looking good and unemployment is down. He’s taken some foreign powers to task for abusing our friendship, yet gladly accepting our foreign aid. He’s trying to make a difference for the betterment of the American people. Yet, as far as I can see, the opposing party has done absolutely nothing to help the common American citizen.  They’ve spent the past two years conducting unproductive investigations, all at taxpayers expense (the Mueller report alone cost over $30 million and it’s still being contested). Washington politics has become a sad joke, and it’s been that way for many years.
Congress doesn’t care about you or me. They only care about their egos and pocketbooks.  We no longer have “leaders” in Washington. It’s now just a bunch of buffoons trying to continue to hoodwink the American public by perpetually blaming each other for our country’s woes, yet still trying to get re-elected to another non-productive term in office.
In any normal business, non-productive employees would be fired. I, for one, think Congress should be treated as a big business with the American voters as their “bosses.” It’s time we bosses clean house in the upcoming elections. Let’s make America productive again.

Rick Cunningham
Village of Sabal Chase