Staffing will add to merriment during free Christmas Day golf in The Villages

Staffing at executive golf courses should add to the merriment during free Christmas Day golf in The Villages.

Free golf on Christmas Day has been a time-honored tradition in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown with many golfers lining up early to hit the links. In years past, there has been no staffing at executive courses with employees enjoying a day off for the holiday.

Project Wide Advisory Committee members learned Monday that there will be limited staffing at the executive golf courses on Christmas Day.

The change is being made for a variety of reasons, including ensuring that golfers enjoy a positive experience, concerns about liability as well as concerns about District-owned infrastructure and providing the District the opportunity to respond much more quickly should a problem arise.

Staffing will be included at the executive golf courses owned by the Developer south of State Road 44. That staffing will cost about $4,800 and will be paid through amenity money overseen by PWAC.