81-year-old Villager given extra time to deal with mold at vacant villa

An 81-year-old Villager who is the owner of a vacant property was granted extra time to deal with a mold problem at her villa.

Community Standards on Oct. 20 received a complaint about mold on the fence and wall at the villa at 8396 SE 173rd Hamilton Place in the Greenbriar Villas in the Village of Briar Meadow. The complaint was the subject of a public hearing Friday afternoon at Savannah Center before the Community Development District 4 Board of Supervisors.

Mold is the problem at this villa.

The property is vacant and the 2019 real estate taxes have not been paid. There does not appear to be a mortgage on the property and the utilities are current, according to Community Standards.

This villa was the subject of a public hearing after a complaint was received.

District staff originally recommended to give the homeowner three days to bring the property into compliance. However, that recommendation was lengthened to 10 days. If the property is not brought into compliance, the homeowner will face a series of fines.