PWAC votes to spend additional $5,525 for flowers at entrance gate

The Project Wide Advisory Committee has agreed to spend an additional $5,525 per year for flowers at an entrance gate in The Villages.

In 2018, PWAC voted to spend $12,000 to re-work an entrance to the Village of Osceola Hills to support the flowers, which now are being changed out four times per year. The entrance is located at the Village of Osceola Hills at Deskin Lane off Morse Boulevard. The Developer originally put in drought-tolerant plants that did not require as much water.

Extra funding has been approved to maintain flowers at the entrance to the Village of Osceola Hills.

As a followup to that action, PWAC members on Monday agreed to revise a contract with Cepra Landscape LLC to include the money for the upkeep and replacement of the annuals at the gate.

The annual contract of $846,149.96 will now be $851,674.96, due to the addition of the entrance gate.

The change at the gate started with a resident’s request to the Community Improvement Council.