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Biden backer spars with Trump ralliers while labeling president as ‘filthy pig’

A long line of Villagers for Trump members roared into Lake Sumter Landing during a golf cart rally on Friday afternoon – and quickly encountered a Biden backer who had a message for them.

A large contingent of Villagers for Trump members took part in a golf cart rally on Friday at Lake Sumter Landing.

“The president is a filthy pig!” shouted Ed McGinty, of the Village of Hadley, who was sporting a T-shirt backing Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. Several Trump supporters slowed or stopped to argue with McGinty, with one shouting, “You’re a (expletive deleted) idiot!” before hitting the gas pedal and speeding away.

Others slowed to offer their opinions to McGinty, but he maintained his message for everyone who would listen. Several smiled and shook their heads as they drove away from him. And others just ignored him as they honked their horns and shouted support for the president.

Village of Hadley resident Ed McGinty sparred with Villagers for Trump members during a golf cart rally in Lake Sumter Landing on Friday afternoon.

“I kept hollering at them, ‘Lady, how could you vote for a filthy pig,’” McGinty said, referring to a past instance where Trump was caught on tape having a lewd conversation about women with television personality Billy Bush. “What kind of morality is that?”

Most of the participants in the golf cart parade appeared to be unfazed by McGinty or his signs that read “Trump Worlds Biggest Liar,” “Putin/Trump Again 2020” and “Remove Trump.” They clearly found plenty of supporters around the square, with many giving them the thumbs-up sign or shouting out their support for the president, who is facing an impeachment trial.

Villagers came from throughout Florida’s Friendliest Hometown to take part in Friday’s golf cart rally at Lake Sumter Landing.
Villagers for Trump member Susan Kelly proudly displayed her flag showing support for the president on Friday at Lake Sumter Landing.

Villagers for Trump, which boasts about 2,400 members and clearly has become the choice of area Republicans hoping to become active in GOP politics, is known for being quite active in the community by holding golf cart rallies and sign-waving events. Past events similar to the one held Friday have included:

In addition, a large contingent of Villagers for Trump members were at the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center when the president spoke there in October. Many attended a spirited debate about the impeachment last week at the Savannah Center. And a large group took part in a watch party at Gators Dockside in Brownwood or traveled to the event in June at the Amway Center in Orlando when Trump announced plans to run for re-election.

A passenger waves an American flag while riding in one of the many golf carts that took part in a Villagers for Trump rally late Friday afternoon.
Many of the golf carts that took part in Friday’s Villager for Trump rally were sporting signs and flags.

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