Deed compliance fines forgiven at dead man’s former home in The Villages

Deed compliance fines will be forgiven at a dead man’s former home in The Villages.

The Community Development District 8 Board of Supervisors on Friday voted unanimously to forgive $500 in outstanding fines which had been imposed this past September at 1709 Hollow Branch Way in the Village of St. Charles. The case was opened after Community Standards received a complaint about overgrown grass and weeds.

Donald R. Hensley purchased the Designer home for $270,000 in 2016. The Cincinnati, Ohio native died at age 72 on Jan. 16, 2019 at the home.

1709 Hollow Branch Way

Reverse Mortgage Solutions in August bought back the house at auction.

The District maintained the property at a cost of $125, so the fines were greater than what the District actually expended.

The property is now in compliance, according to Community Standards.

“It’s barely in compliance,” said CDD 8 Chairman Duane Johnson. “It’s a complaint waiting to happen.”

He said there are signs in the windows, including a no trespassing sign.

The transfer of ownership means that a fresh complaint would have to be received to open a new deed compliance case against the property’s new owner.