Villager arrested in Santa leggings gets her bond money back

Gloria Miller

A Villager who was arrested in December while wearing Santa leggings is getting her bond money back.

Gloria Joanne Miller, 54, of the Village of Osceola Hills, filed a request for a $500 refund after the prosecutor’s office announced it was dropping a charge of battery.

The case is being dropped due to “victim/witness issues,” according to a document on file in Lake County Court.

Miller’s husband had placed a 911 call on Dec. 2 after locking his wife out of their white Nissan Rogue during an altercation which was taking place near Mile Marker 293 on the Florida Turnpike in Lake County. When a Florida Highway Patrol trooper arrived on the scene, he spotted Miller, who was wearing a red shirt, Santa leggings and no shoes. She used profane language to describe her husband and said they had been heading to a Christmas party. She appeared to be intoxicated.

EMS personnel were summoned to the scene.

Miller’s husband had suffered a cut near his right eyebrow that was bleeding, according to the arrest report. He said they had been heading to a Christmas Party at Lake Ridge Winery in Clermont. He said when they arrived at the winery, no one was there and they must have had the wrong location. He said that is when his wife began screaming at him.

“My wife was drunk before we got to the winery,” he added.

There was an early indication that Miller’s husband would not be a cooperative witness.

“I love her and I can’t press charges on her,” he told the trooper on the day of the incident.