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Monday, September 27, 2021

Sammy Joe’s and Team America continue to lead the league

Sammy Joe’s and Team America continue to lead the league as they both used home-field advantage to come back in the bottom of the seventh to win their games. 

Sammy Joe’s beat Fross & Fross, 15-14, as Steve DeLuca stroked a double to drive in the last two runs for the victory. Tom Bent led the team with four, hits including a two-run homer. Sub George Grim had a single, double and triple to drive in five runs. DeLuca drove in two more runs with a sacrifice hit and a single.

Fross & Fross got three hits from Mark Isom, who drove in four runs. Maury Fjestad also had three hits and drove in two runs. Rick Duemler drove in three runs with a double and a single.

For the second week in a row, C.J. O’Neil drove in the winning runs as Team America came back to defeat Babiarz Law, 13-12.  Team America got three hits each by Ray Bedford and Dave Campbell. Tony Whittaker drove in two runs with a single and a homer. Gary Nicolay had two solo homers. Bob LaFrance drove in two runs with a pair of singles. Bob Moro drove in two runs with a single in the second inning.

Synergy Wealth scored five runs in each of the first three innings to build up a lead that Softball’s R Game couldn’t overcome as Synergy won, 20-16. Jim White and Rick Fredieu each had four hits, with White driving in six runs and Fredieu driving in three.  Will Kutter had three hits and drove in four runs. Jim Creed, Bill Reed, and Vernon Brooks all had three hits.

Softball’s R Game got four hits from John Kushner. Manny Sanchez drove in four runs with a homer and a triple. Rick Brown drove in three runs with three hits. Art Anton also had three hits and drove in two runs. Tom Ramberg had a triple to score two more runs.

Team Koller scored 12 runs in the last two innings to beat Pie O’Mine, 18-9. Kevin Saunders led Koller with a single, double and a sacrifice fly to score four runs. Josh Sheldon had a solo homer in the fifth inning. Tim Homko drove in three runs with a homer and a walk. Howard Charney had a sacrifice fly and a hit to account for three more runs.

Pie O’Mine had three hits from Craig Dahlquist. Monte Mitchell had a two-run homer and Dan Linn had a solo homer in the fourth. 

Paul Davis Restorations overcame the 12-run lead that Palm Ridge Dental had after three innings to win, 24-14. Paul Davis got four hits from Ken Atkinson and pitcher Gary Luck. Don Evans, Bill Stutters and Bill Steiner all had three hits and three RBIs. Fred Dennis, Paul Brocato and Jack Nagle all scored two runners with their two hits apiece.

Palm Ridge had four hits by Mike Bernbach. Doug Nantais had three hits, as did Cal Driskill and Ted Bell. Driskill had two RBIs and Bell got three with his home run. Vern Benson scored two runs with two singles. Bob Greenwalt had a triple and scored on a sacrifice hit by manager Ken Scanlon. 

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