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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Pools in The Villages shut down after controversy over 10 participant limit

The Villages has shut down all swimming pools here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

The Villages Parks and Recreation Department had warned that swimming pools in The Villages should be limited to 10 “participants,” but that limit was being largely ignored.

The swimming pools in The Villages had posted signs that read:

“The CDC has recommended gatherings should not exceed 10 participants. The Villages Recreation & Parks Department highly recommends all participants utilizing any facilities limit their participation to 10 persons, please do your part in not exceeding this number.”

The Churchill Pool was a popular place on Wednesday afternoon.

Villages-News.com did some spot checking at pools Wednesday and found 39 people, including many children, at the Churchill Family Pool. The Ashland Pool had 24 people, including children. The pool at the Village of Fenney was packed on Tuesday.

Residents complained there was no enforcement or monitoring of the 10 participant recommendation.

The Villages has been flooded with children and grandchildren during the normal spring break period this year. But each day, there appears to be less and less for them to do. There is no live music at the squares in the evenings, the movie theaters are closed and the swimming pools have been shut down. Shows at the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center have been canceled. Even local churches have pulled the plug on worship services.

On Wednesday afternoon, the DJ on AM-640 WVLG was plugging one of the few remaining activities – the piano bar at Katie Belle’s.

A recent Letter to the Editor complained that grandchildren could be a risk to the senior population which is more at risk to the Coronavirus. 

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