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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Villagers raising money to try to help out-of-work restaurant workers

Villagers are raising money to try to help restaurant workers out of work due to concerns about the Coronavirus.

“The goal behind this fund-raising endeavor is to provide financial support to restaurant hourly employees in The Villages and close surrounding areas of the Villages. Because of the Coronavirus most of the staff is laid off until further notice,” said Stan Swies, of the Village of Palo Alto.

Stan Swies of the Village of Palo Alto

Swies, who is best known for his dressing up as President Trump, promised that “100 percent of the money donated will be divided equally amongst the workers identified by a group of people that includes restaurant managers.”

He said the money will be targeted toward those who really need help. 

Please remember that we need these people back after this crisis. We are now spending a lot less on eating out and they are making nothing,” Swies said. 

He also called on the Developer of The Villages to lend a hand.

“I tried to get to the people that run the leasing department in The Villages, hoping we could get some support from the Morse family in this fund-raiser, with no luck. They took my name and assured me someone would contact me with no call. Other landlords in Florida are telling their restaurant leasing customers not to pay their rent in April but to give it to the workers,” Swies said.

To lend a hand to this effort, visit the GoFundMe page.

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