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Daughters fondly remember Villager who died after contracting Coronavirus

An 84-year-old Villager who died after contracting the Coronavirus is being fondly remembered by her daughters.

Carol Lynch was a resident of the Village of Winifred and succumbed to COVID-19 on Thursday night.

Carol Lynch, center, with her daughters.

“Last night we spoke our love to her over and over as she left her body. We wished we could have been holding her physically as well as in our hearts. May her powerful faith carry her home,” said her daughter Shannon Lynch.

The “tiny woman with a massive heart” in the end was not a match for the mysterious virus that has taken a terrible toll around the globe.

“This horrendous virus did not allow us to be by her side at such an emotional time but we were fortunate enough to at least be on the phone next to her when she took her last breath,” said daughter Kellie Lynch.

Another one of Carol Lynch’s daughters had a warning for those who might take the Coronavirus lightly.

“Please take this virus seriously people. It is horrible to die alone and to not be by your loved one’s side,” Jean Lynch said.

Carol Lynch, far left, sang in the Silver and Gold quartet.

Her daughters clearly loved beach time with their mother, who purchased her home in The Villages in 2004.

“We look forward to celebrating her life both in Boston and in the Villages, Florida when it is safe again to gather and hold one another close,” Kellie Lynch said in a Facebook post.

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