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Stuck at home? Pick up a book and be transported

The Coronavirus has us trapped in our homes wishing we could be somewhere else. Your ride is here. Pick up a book and be transported. The creativity of local authors flourishes in our community.

Here are a few recommendations:

Ripple Effect, Because of the War by Jenny Ferns

Veronica’s husband is called to war. Her sister disappears in war-torn London. The decision to adopt the child her sister left behind causes far-reaching ripples when they both return, demanding more of Veronica than she can give.

Barbara Rein’s dog Kirby with some books by local authors.

Coach in Cottage C by J. R. Minard and R. R. Imregi

Matt Grazi was in over his head. The first-time coach was charged with building a sports team with the young inmates at a Florida reform school. Could he change the life of the toughest kid there?

Surviving: A Kent State Memoir by Paula Tucker Stone

In the protest years of the Vietnam War, Paula Stone Tucker was an eye witness to the National Guard firing on students at Kent State University. The boy next to her was killed. Her life already in turbulence, what followed this horrific event tested Paula even more. Yet she survived.

Dared to Run: A Kate Anderson Mystery by J. J. Clark

When Kate Anderson, a young parole officer, is falsely accused of murdering the sheriff who’d been stalking her, she discovers an underground network for abused women. With their help, Kate goes on the run, determined to prove her innocence.

Barbara Rein is a Village of Mallory Square resident.

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