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Villager denied appeal for ‘playful pink’ trim already painted on her home

A Villager has been denied an appeal for the use of the color “playful pink” already painted on the trim of her home.

Rosemarie Pietromonaco of 2111 Westchester Way in the Village of Poinciana made her appeal Friday morning before the Community Development District 5 Board of Supervisors.

The 20-year resident of The Villages had appeared earlier this year before the board and confessed to the supervisors that she had painted her trim a rogue color that isn’t on the color palette previously adopted by the board. She was supposed to return to the board in March, but that appearance was delayed to to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since her appeal was publicized in Villages-News.com, she said her home has become a popular place.

The trim has already been painted at the home at 2111 Westchester Way.

“Hundreds of people have driven by and they love it,” she said of the “playful pink” trim on her home.

She was hoping the CDD 5 Board would make an exception and allow her to keep the rogue color.

But that would be easier said than done.

The CDD 5 looked at this swatch of “playful pink.”

If the board was to have made the exception, it would have had to allow the entire “hue” range as part of its adopted color palette. That would open it up to all homes in CDD 5.

“When we established the color palettes, I knew I would cringe every time someone wanted to come forward when they had a ‘better’ idea. I don’t think we should have a piecemeal approach to a color palette,” said CDD 5 Supervisor Chuck Wildzunas.

He quickly added he did not have a problem with “playful pink.” A sample of the hue range and a swatch of “playful pink” were passed around for supervisors to review

“I don’t see anything wrong with the color. My problem is the deviation,” said Wildzunas.

Fellow Supervisor Walter Martin offered that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Supervisor Gerald Ferlisi suggested that it might be time to take another look at the adopted color palette.

“Time moves on,” he said.

In the end, it was Martin and Ferlisi who sided with Pietromonaco’s appeal. However, they were outnumbered by Supervisors Wildzunas, Gerald Knoll and Chairman Gary Kadow.

Pietromonaco, who is facing upcoming hip surgery and appeared Friday relying on a crutch, said she was disappointed. Community Standards indicated staffers would work with Pietromonaco on timing for the repainting of her trim.

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