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Summerfield couple nabbed on multiple charges after deputies serve search warrant

James Matthew Johnson

A Summerfield couple was jailed Tuesday night after Marion County sheriff’s deputies served a search warrant at their residence just outside the boundaries of The Villages.

Deputies served the warrant after a man reported that a safe containing a 9mm Silver Slide Taurus G3 valued at $380 had been stolen from his vehicle sometime between May 6 and May 7 while he was at Johnson’s residence at 8198 SE 164th Pl. He said he confronted Johnson and he denied being in possession of the safe but wouldn’t let him search his bedroom, a sheriff’s office report states.

Johnson and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Brittany Rena Martin, were inside the home when the search warrant was served. Deputies reported finding multiple pipes, straws and spoons containing a white and/or black residue inside the bedroom the coupled shared, the report says.

Brittany Rena Martin

“These items are consistent with the smoking and/or snorting of illegal narcotics,” the report reads. “A lot of these items were in plain sight covering the bedroom making it impossible for someone to not know (they) were there.”

After being read his rights, Johnson admitted to knowing the items were in the bedroom and admitted to using them to ingest illegal narcotics. He allegedly said he uses heroin and although the paraphernalia was in the bedroom, he denied being in possession of any illegal substances. When he was advised there were several illegal substances located in his bedroom, he blamed possession on Martin, the report says.

After being read her rights, Martin admitted ownership of the cannabis oil located in the bedroom. But she denied possession of a baggie containing heroin that was on the same tray as the cannabis oil in plain sight, the report says.
Deputies also spotted two rounds of .380 ammunition – one at the end of the bed the couple shared and another one inside a glass dish on a shoe rack at the end of the bed. Both Johnson and Martin denied knowing the ammunition was in the bedroom, the report says.

Martin told deputies that several guns had been inside the residence and Johnson had hidden one in the bathroom just prior to them coming into the house. Deputies then located a Sig Sauer .380 handgun in the bathroom where Martin said it was located, the report says.

Johnson admitted to entering the victim’s vehicle and stealing the safe containing the handgun. He said he was angry with the victim because he had taken the last of his “boi,” which is a street term for heroin. He said he knew the victim had a safe in his vehicle, which normally contained heroin, so he decided to steal it, the report says.

Johnson also told deputies that after stealing the safe from the victim’s vehicle when it was parked in his driveway, he hid it in his side yard. He said he broke it open with a hammer later in the evening and discovered the gun. He said he knew he could get his money back by selling the weapon, the report says.

Both Johnson, who was found guilty of felony fleeing/attempting to elude a police officer in 2013, and Martin were transported to the Marion County Jail. Johnson was charged with petit theft, armed burglary, grand theft of a firearm, two counts of possession of a weapon or firearm by a convicted felon, dealing in stolen property and possession of drug equipment. He was being held on no bond and is due in court June 23 at 9 a.m.

Martin was charged with possession of marijuana over 20 grams, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, possession of drug equipment and possession of heroin. She was being held on $10,000 bond and also is due in court June 23 at 9 a.m.

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