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I will not mourn the loss of Katie Belle’s

To the Editor:

I guess that I am in the minority in the reaction of residents to the closing of Katie Belle’s.  My husband and I moved here in 2000 when Katie Belle’s operated a restaurant where Chico’s is located. For many years Katie Belle’s dance hall was probably the most popular venue in The Villages. Reportedly, it was not a money maker and the decision was made to close and do a total remodeling of the property.
Within a couple of weeks after opening the new Katie Belle’s on the second floor of the building, we stopped in one afternoon to look around and have a drink.  We were shocked when we exited the elevator. Our first thought was, “they have ruined Katie Belle’s.” The absolutely gorgeous chandelier that hung on the first floor was in the new facility and looked out-of-place due to the lower ceiling.
We returned for dinner three times and were seated in a different section of the restaurant each time. The acoustics were TERRIBLE. You could not converse because the entertainers were soooo loud (even when there was a one-man performer).
I will not mourn the loss of Katie Belle’s.  We and several friends wish that there was a nice restaurant in The Villages (that also required reservations), like The Chop House with a piano bar and/or soft background music. Are we wishing in vain?

Libby Scobell
Village of Alhambra

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