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Trump rally in The Villages was exhilarating

To the Editor:

I attended the Trump rally Sunday and it was exhilarating. It was so good to see so many people come out to support, our president, our police, our vets, our flag and our country.
It was only tainted by a few rabble-rousers. It was a peaceful rally, none of the supporters or protesters that I saw used foul language. We had our signs and the opposition had theirs. This is still a free country, (thanks to people like our vets and President Trump), and I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion. The majority of people on both sides were peaceful.
However, Sharon Sandler was the exception. She told us numerous times she is not Republican. The problem is she isn’t capable of being peaceful, or respectful to people who don’t share her point of view. She shouted obscenities, (showing her own ignorance, unable to make a statement with out “F” in it). She jumped in front of a golf cart, taunting and preventing it from continuing on the path. Her own friends had to pull her away. Then, she complained about The Villages and told us how horrible it is living here. I wish her and all like her would just close their mouths and move back to where ever they were happy or where they can find happiness again.
I am content to live in The Villages. Is it perfect? Not by a long shot, but it is very close to perfect. I haven’t found a better option. If and when I do, I will take my own advice and move.
I did not vote for Obama, but, I didn’t do anything vile or violent because I didn’t like him. I tolerated and accepted that he was president till his time was up. Now we have a great president, that I do endorse and life is improving. I guess, I don’t really have a political party. I vote differently depending on who is running and who I think makes the most sense for our country.
I support everyone who plays by the rules, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Democrat, Republican … whoever. I have no use for people who think they are special or better than the rest of us. I was taught to respect the police and I do, I have no fear of them.
I form opinions by researching both sides. I watch different news stations, read different newspapers and I let people explain why their opinion is not the same as mine, without interrupting. I’ve been unfriended on FB, I’ve been told not to send any more e-mails…by life long friends and family because of my political and religious views. I have yet, to meet a person who takes the other side, that will even let me speak about my opinion and give them my reasons. They refuse to read or listen to anything but their own point of view without so much as giving anyone else’s thoughts a chance to be heard. Their ignorance enrages me. I’m enraged by what I see happening to my country … the country my dad, uncles, cousins, and so many others defended … some with their lives. But I will continue to voice my views peacefully. I will show my opposition in November, at the polls.
God Bless America and our President!

Fran Kennedy
Village of Orange Blossom Gardens

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