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Trump-bashing Villager receives threatening letter after claiming he was attacked

A Villager who is known worldwide for his disdain of President Trump and claims to have been attacked last Saturday has received another threatening letter.

Village of Hadley resident Ed McGinty reported Friday that he received the unsigned letter in the mail. It came just days after he claimed another man attacked him after last Saturday’s Blue Lives Matter golf cart parade in Lake Sumter Landing. McGinty said he was trying to drive to an area near Palmer Legends Golf Course and was attempting to avoid the parade and the downtown area when he was assaulted near Winn-Dixie in Lake Sumter Landing.

Ed McGinty stands next to his golf cart on Buena Vista Boulevard on June 20 after claiming he was attacked in Lake Sumter Landing.

The latest letter says the writer saw that McGinty got his “ass kicked in response to your misguided antics.” The writer says there are other “red neck Trump supporters” who will “chase you down” and “be bringing an ass-kicking with them.”
The letter went on to say that the incident may have taken place because McGinty epitomizes the Democratic Party – “absolutely no class, devoid of common sense and common decency, and hate filled.”

“I pity your Villages neighbors having to live next to such a deranged waste of protoplasm,” the letter reads. “Hopefully, the next time you have (a) similar encounter, your opponent won’t be so gentle.”

Villager Ed McGinty says he recently received the letter shown above in the mail. It’s the third threatening letter the anti-Trump activist has received and it came just days after he filed a report with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office claiming he was attacked shortly after the Blue Lives Matter golf cart parade in Lake Sumter Landing on Saturday, June 20.

The letter, which was signed “A fellow Villager,” also told McGinty to get ready for four more years of President Trump because he “will beat that corrupt moron Biden who is already suffering from dementia. He can’t even remember what state he is in.”

McGinty, who also has received two other threatening letters, said he believes a woman wrote the letter and said she should know the facts of the incident he claims happened after the Blue Lives Matter parade. He said he was “driving peacefully” along Old Camp Road when a man with long fingernails reached into his golf cart and punctured his neck while pulling him from the seat.

“Once out and standing I punched his nose with all I have,” McGinty said. “I believe I broke his nose because his eyeglasses went flying.”

Villager Ed McGinty speaks with a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy on June 20 after claiming a Trump supporter attacked him in Lake Sumter Landing after the Blue Lives Matter golf cart parade.

He said men from surrounding golf carts grabbed both him and the attacker and the entire incident lasted about 30 seconds. He labeled the incident as a “Trump sneak attack, another coward like their leader.”

As for the letter, McGinty said neither the writer nor other “Trump apes” will deter him and hundreds of others from displaying their anti-Trump signs and pro-Biden signs on their golf carts. On the day that McGinty claimed to be attacked and filed a report with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, the sign on the front of his golf cart read: “Biden Will Kick Trump’s Fat Ass.”

Ed McGinty holds a copy of the threatening letter he received in the mail in May at his Village of Hadley home.

McGinty then suggested Trump supporters sell all of their flags and signs “while there is a market for that trash.” He added that if anyone else wants to challenge him, they’ll find him six days a week on a corner in The Villages.

McGinty, who has been accused of by one Villager of filing a “false” report with the sheriff’s office, gained worldwide attention in January after Village of Amelia resident Marsha Hill posted a video of a confrontation she had with him in the grassy area by Odell Circle. Hill had been driving past McGinty’s parked golf cart when she noticed his signs that read “Trump Is A Sexual Predator,” “Trump Filthy Pig,” “Trump Compulsive Liar,” “Trump Bigot and Racist” and “Hitler And Trump Exactly Same DNA.”

She stopped her golf cart and Sumter County sheriff’s deputies arrived a short time later as the two were arguing.

“He called me a pig!” Hill screamed. “He called me a pig for no reason because I asked him why he thought the president was a sexual predator.”

Villagers Ed McGinty and Marsha Hill collided in January over differing political views.

Hill said she planned to send the Trump campaign video and images of McGinty protesting via Twitter later that night.

“This guy should be arrested,” she said. “You can’t say that about the president with no proof.”

McGinty, who was trending on Twitter in February over his anti-Trump stance, was interviewed in March by CNN for a political show the network was putting together before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. He also received a threatening letter in late May and has sparred with Trump supporters during golf cart rallies, one of which on the president’s birthday on June 14 came close to fisticuffs between a Trump supporter and Democrat Sharon Sandler after she called him a “Nazi lover.”

Well-known Trump protester Ed McGinty holds up a sign calling President Trump ‘White Trash’ during the June 14 Villagers for Trump golf cart rally.

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