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The problem with American politics is extremism

To the Editor:

Ever wonder why our political parties cannot get along? Why are the American people are so divided?  Could it be that our political parties both Republican and Democrat are made up of extreme Liberalism and Conservatism and have refused to show any compromise whatsoever while our citizens are almost equally divided? Are our politicians that we elect supposed to represent the people and NOT the political parties? Yet every politician elected into office immediately sides 100 percent with the party regardless of what his/her constituents want. How many times throughout the year are you asked your opinion by your politician? Who do they represent? Not you, they represent the political party, which is driven by greed, corporations, money and finally the media who controls their image. Not to mention they are ostracized by their party if they vote against them. Even if they are trying to represent their people.
You are probably like me, either a Republican with more conservative views than liberal or a Democrat with more liberal views than conservative. However, like me, you are willing to compromise and meet in the middle.  You are most likely and willing to support the majority of what the American people want.
Only when we reach this point will America be able to move forward and heal.
Maybe it is time that we find a new party? The “Moderate” Party? Maybe a requirement to offer your vote will require the politician to commit in writing to compromise and represent the constituents with constant feedback from the people? Maybe it is time for your politicians to step out of their current political party and into a new party of compromise.
It is both funny and sad to hear a politician, especially our president to constantly use the term “I”. I will do this; I have done this.  Isn’t great leadership and success driven by a team? Isn’t a president’s Cabinet, our Congress, and our Senate crucial to driving and delivering the success of America?  Where is the “we” in politics?
It is time for a change.  Time to represent the people of America and not the Party of America. It is time to ask your politician to step out of the Political box and into the people’s box.
Until we demand it, nothing will happen.
I ask you to forward this thought to the people that are supposed to represent you as well as the media and start the change in your area of control and influence.

Robert Corkern
Village of Charlotte

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