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CDD 2 considers pond sinkhole remedies ranging from $25,000 to $4.8 million

The Community Development District 2 Board of Supervisors on Friday considered remedies for sinkholes at a problematic pond ranging in price from $25,000 to $4.8 million.

Lago De Leon in the Village of Alhambra has been plagued by sinkholes dating back to 2008. Thus far, the total spent by CDD 2 at the pond is $237,485.

Residents living near the pond have complained vigorously about the eyesore that has become of the pond. Many of them paid premiums for homes with a view of the pond.

Last month, a large sinkhole opened up and drained the pond yet again.

A four-foot wide sinkhole has reopened in a problematic pond in the Village of Alhambra.

At the high end, the board considered the $3.7 to $4.8 million option which would include boring and grouting on a predefined grid layout within the entire basin area. However, the steep pricetag would force draconian measures such as raising maintenance assessment rates, raiding reserves and putting off villa road and fencing projects. Even then, there would be no guarantees that sinkholes wouldn’t return.

The cheapest option is the $25,000 grout repair approach.

It was a real “eyeopener” for Supervisor Candy Ginns. She made the motion for the $25,000 option.

This diagram shows where the sinkholes have been concentrated at Lago De Leon.

“If we are looking out for the whole district, how could we spend that much money on one pond?” Ginns asked.

CDD 2 Chairman Bryan Lifsey agreed.

“It’s the best option for all residents of District 2, but not the best option for residents living around the pond,” Lifsey said.

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