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Monday, June 14, 2021

Why my thoughts about wearing a mask have changed

To the Editor:

While watching the BBC World News they did a piece on why America is having such difficulty with wearing masks. They stated that basically Europeans have been used to receiving information from their government officials for many years, especially since the world wars and have been, in my words, conditioned to receiving and following recommendations on what precautions have to be done to try and stay safe. When I thought about how many times their countries have been involved in conflicts and terrorist bombings and threats over the years and compared to our limited exposure over the years, I understood much better that difference.
I realize I am only one and others will still resist, maybe because of what they feel is an assault on their freedoms but please remember it’s not about freedoms and rights, it’s about all of us as a team looking out for each other, leaving no one behind, coming together in a time of need just like we did since the creation of our country while defeating so many enemies.
Now our country has been invaded, not a military force but something that quietly moves throughout every part of our nation taking many lives in its path.
That’s my thought for today. Stay safe and be kind.

Michael Labanz
Village of LaBelle

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