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I don’t think that a mask is going to save anyone

To the Editor:

Just wanted to add my 2 cents to the mask discussion. I recently went to a beauty shop to get my hair cut. They are very attentive to COVID-19 rules. You can’t come in without a mask, you wait in your car until they are ready for you. Only two customers at a time. Then they take your temperature. If you have a fever you must leave. Then you are given a large amount of hand sanitizer that you must use before being seated. They spend about 15 minutes re-sanitizing their stations before they change customers.
Now here is the bottom line about the good your mask does. I wore it the entire time and got hair in my mouth from my cut anyway, before removing my mask. BEFORE, removing my mask. Now, if a one of my freshly cut hairs got through  that mask, seems like the COVID-19 virus could get through even easier than a hair. I will continue to wear a mask where it is required, their business, their rules.
But I don’t think that a mask is going to save anyone.

Fran Kennedy
Village of Orange Blossom Gardens

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