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AAC asked to grant amenity privileges for ‘residential units’  at Hacienda Hills

The Amenity Authority Committee is going to be asked to grant amenity privileges for “residential units” to be built at the now-demolished site of Hacienda Hills Country Club.

AAC member Don Deakin said he was “surprised” at the revelation that the Developer of The Villages wants the amenity privileges for “age-restricted residential units” envisioned at Hacienda Hills.

Villages Operations Manager Ryan McCabe, the former son-in-law of Villages Vice President of Sales Jennifer Parr, has apparently tried to sweeten the pot for the AAC by promising a restaurant, a resort-style pool, activity courts and walking paths. Those items would be owned by the Developer, but presumably made available to all Villagers.

Villagers watched with some sadness as the Hacienda Hills Country Club was demolished.

Deakin also acknowledged the “age-restricted residential units” could be the much-rumored apartments that have been the buzz since the demolition of the Hacienda Hills Country Club, swimming pool and tennis courts.

“We’ll have to wait and see what is presented at next week’s meeting,” Deakin said.

The AAC will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday at Savannah Center. The meeting is open to the public.

Are you in favor of apartment units potentially being built at the former home of Hacienda Hills Country Club? Share your thoughts in a Letter to the Editor at this link:

Friday night, the District Office released some additional details about the Hacienda Hills proposal, including this recommendation in support of the move.

“This public-private partnership further enhances the community, and provides a benefit to the residents of the Village Center District Territory and The Villages as a whole. By amending the agreement for utilization of the amenity privileges, residents and guests of the community gain additional amenity opportunities at no additional expense.  Additionally, enhancements to District property will be achieved if the Hacienda Parcel is developed. Staff recommends the Amenity Authority Committee (AAC) recommend approval of the First Amendment to the Agreement between the Village Center Community Development District and The Villages of Lake-Sumter, Inc.,” according to the staff recommendation, which is part of the agenda packet prepared in advance of Wednesday’s meeting.

Last year, the Amenity Authority Committee, under heavy pressure from residents, declined the Developer’s offer to sell the country club to the AAC at full-market value.

The Lofts at Brownwood began welcoming renters last month.

The Lofts at Brownwood marked the Developer’s first foray into offering apartments here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown. All renters at the Lofts at Brownwood enjoy amenity privileges. Amenities such as the pool at the Lofts at Brownwood are open to all residents of The Villages.

The Lofts At Brownwood have been annexed into Community Development District 9, a move that raised eyebrows because the apartment complex was not contiguous with the vast majority of CDD 9. At least one CDD 9 official and members of the Project Wide Advisory Committee suggested they “get something in writing” so residents won’t be stuck with the tab for upkeep at the apartments.

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