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President Trump only cares about one thing

To the Editor:

The president is going all in with his lies, racism, misogyny, and corruption.
Lying about Kamala Harris’ eligibility to be president, calling her nasty, a word he ONLY uses for women (who are powerful and driven), is the latest outright racist and misogynistic outcry to his base, who will follow him no matter where he goes.
His lack of leadership during the Coronavirus pandemic is causing untold deaths daily. He lied yesterday about how his administration is following the science regarding COVID-19, when the opposite is actually true. He wants schools to open at all costs, with no plan whatsoever as to how to keep students and teachers safe.
He openly has admitted that he doesn’t want the post office to get additional funding, which will ensure a safe election for those states who will be going forward with mail in voting, while just today Trump requested mail in ballots for himself.  This one fact alone shows that this president is meddling in the election process.
He refuses to admit that the Russians are heavily involved in trying to help him get re-elected.  His refusal to confront Putin about bounties being put on American soldiers by Russia is cowardice, and borderline treasonous.  Cohen’s soon to be released book will bring out even more of Trump’s criminal activities.  His paying a porn star for her silence will be one of the charges he will face the day that Biden is sworn in as our new president. When the day comes that his tax returns are available to authorities, we will all learn about just how corrupt this man really is. The only thing Trump dislikes more than people who disagree with him is paying taxes.  I could go on and on and on, but there is no reason. In another month there will be more letters regarding more lies and corruption and racist comments Trump will have made.  It is time to stop this mad man from attempting to destroy our country and constitution.  The people in which he has the least in common and cares about their needs the least are, amazingly, his base.  He cares about one thing and one thing only – HIMSELF!

Fred Eachus
Village of Orange Blossom Gardens

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