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Veterans should not support Trump

To the Editor:

Donald Trump has again proven that he should not receive the support of any veterans.  The way he spoke about John McCain, saying that he likes heroes who weren’t captured, should have raised flags years ago for every veteran and American.
When it came out that Russians put a bounty on American soldiers, he did nothing, and still has not confronted Putin once about it. He didn’t want soldiers who were wounded to be in any parades, because he said people don’t want to see that. See what?  Reality?  No, the truth is that HE didn’t want to see that.  Now that the news is out that he thinks people who serve are suckers and losers, and that he threatened to disown his son if he were to join any armed service of our country, how can a veteran, let alone ANY American, support a man who doesn’t understand why any person who would do ANYTHING that would not give some sort of personal return?
If you are a good person, and volunteer in your community, you are weak and a loser.  Everything this president has done has had one and only one goal in mind – to enrich himself and his family. Nothing else matters, including veterans. How many more facts need to come out before Trump’s cult followers will admit that just maybe this man is a danger to the future of our country? If we could see Trump’s tax returns, we would learn even more about what makes this corrupt man does to avoid paying his fair share.  Trump and his cult need to be reminded that the vast majority of Americans don’t believe in ridiculous conspiracy theories, like QAnon and Pizzagate. Come on, man! Get a grip.  Face facts. Twenty-thousand lies and counting! Trump has to go!

Fred Eachus
Village of Orange Blossom Gardens

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