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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Where do we want our country to be in 2024?

To the Editor:

It is a trait of the young to live in the moment with little regard for the future and often with little planning for how to live in it. However, here in The Villages, the average age is about 60 and if you take out school age kids, it is closer to 70. Hopefully, we have grown beyond that.
There are numerous articles that warn what four more years of Trump will yield. Based on where we are now and the lack of planning, programs, policy, or concern for consequences of his administration (so many firings and resignations it is not one administration), the predictions of dire consequences of 4 more years of Trump are likely to be true.
So, we should ask ourselves where to we want to be in 2024? Do we want a good start on the repair and rebuilding of our infrastructure, bridges, roads, railroads, dams? Do we want the jobs that massive project will bring?  Do we want safe food production, clean water and clean and safe air? Do we want to rebuild our security and foreign policy institutions and reach out to our allies around the world to restore those vital relationships? Do we want to restore our Department of Justice to be the bastion of law and order that it has been in the past and that Attorney General Barr has destroyed with corruption and political contamination?
Our country’s institutions that have kept America strong and respected around the world are being destroyed by Trump. How anyone can continue to support the further destruction of America’s institutions is a mystery to me and any patriotic American. Polls tell us that it is older white men without college educations who are the prime supporters of Trump. But, it does not take a college education to understand how important is the structure given us by the founders. I would urge those older white men (and women) who still support  Trump to consider our future in 2024 and what kind of America we are handing to our kids and grandkids.

John Jamison
Village of Poinciana

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