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New era of trash collection begins in The Villages

A new era of trash collection is beginning in The Villages.

As of Oct. 1, waste collected in The Villages will no longer be trucked to a landfill in Georgia, but rather it will be heading to the Covanta waste-to-energy facility in Okahumpka. There still will be pickup twice a week, but on those days, trash, recyclables and yard waste will be collected together.

Fewer than 3,000 households are seeing changes in their collection days. They have been notified by a variety of means, including door hangers left at their homes by Community Watch. If you haven’t received a notification, your trash collection days have not changed.

Assistant District Manager Kenny Blocker said the No. 1 question being asked by residents is with regard to the color of bags to be used. He said residents can use any color bags.

Bulk items will be collected, but a $10 fee will be implemented for the collection of those items.

The North Sumter County Utility Dependent District Board has voted to raise the current waste pickup charge from $19.38 to $22.24 per month, representing a 14.75 percent increase. The increase takes effect Oct. 1 and then increases 3.25 percent annually for the following nine years. The increase will be felt by Villagers in Community Development Districts 1 through 11.

Still have questions about trash collection? They can be answered at this link: Trash collection in The Villages

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