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You may not know everything about the Morse family’s grip

To the Editor:

By way of disclosure, I lived in The Villages for 15 years before moving to Stonecrest. I have been selling real estate in The Villages for nearly 20 years. For several of those years, my business was associated with The Villages Developer.
The Morse Family denies about 13 business types that compete against its businesses, e.g., real estate, access to the commercial property within Orange Blossom Gardens, where Spanish Springs is located, and the family’s commercial property within The Villages CDDS, and even the commercial property that it doesn’t own. That’s right. The Morse family includes deed restrictions denying access to commercial properties that would compete against their businesses. I wonder if the Florida legislature knows this to be the case.
The family could solve their problem overnight by offering office space to real estate firms and the other competing businesses. And in doing so The Villages wouldn’t have to give amenities. Moreover, it would demonstrate a concern for the residents that appears to be lacking recently.

Walter Coe

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