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Ocala resident has message for Villagers upset about rally for President Trump

Dear Upset Villagers:

I am truly sorry that you are upset at the rally that was intended to encourage and inform thousands of Floridians. I understand that there was no social distancing. However, let me urge you to reconsider your words and your vote. If we are about the same age, which I believe we are you will have noticed that those we have elected to office haven’t always turned out to be the representatives that we had hoped for. So please take a step back to observe the enthusiasm that people have for a president that has delivered on hundreds of promises to the people. Don’t throw your vote away by voting for a person like Biden who not only is corrupt but is not mentally fit for the office of the president of the United States of America. Study the issues and you will agree with me.
If you feel so upset that people were not distancing or wearing masks then perhaps you might isolate yourself from them for awhile. Thanks you for being so understanding.

Sandra Pagán

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