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Villager harassed about political expression

To the Editor:

I was harassed yesterday because of a small sign on my car supporting a presidential candidate – it doesn’t matter which one. Two guys in a work truck pulled up next to me in a near empty parking lot – twice! – just to make derogatory comments regarding my choice. I reacted both times with humor, as is my nature, and that diffused what could have been a frightening, ugly confrontation.
I shared all this with a dear friend who’s political views vary from mine. She sympathized .. and then advised me to take the sign off my car! I’m still shaking, and shaking my head.
I was scared, after they left, and moved my car, hoping they wouldn’t come back.
Today? I’m grateful nothing worse happened and that it was me they chose to bully instead of my husband, or my Mom.
I’m angry, now that it’s safe to be. I’m terrified about how divided our country has become. And I dread the reaction of half of our fellow Americans when whichever candidate loses the election.

Deb Kemper
Village of Rio Grande

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