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POA-backed candidate wins election to Amenity Authority Committee

Donna Kempa

A Village of Glenbrook resident won election Tuesday to the Amenity Authority Committee.

Donna Kempa will represent Community Development District 3 on the AAC, which oversees amenities north of County Road 466. She will succeed John Wilcox, a longtime member of the AAC.

Kempa prevailed over fellow candidates Terry Biddle and James Klynman.

Kempa was endorsed by the Property Owners Association, an organization that has long been a thorn in the side of the Developer. She has been an active member of the POA and is a former Community Development District 6 supervisor.

Residents were infuriated in August when the AAC appeared to bow to the will of the Developer over a plan for apartments at the former site of the Hacienda Hills Country Club.

Kempa, who has a background in accounting, is known for asking pointed questions about budgets.

Future changes could be coming to the AAC as committee members Carl Bell and Lowell Barker have indicated they won’t be seeking re-election when their terms expire.

Meanwhile, the Developer’s handpicked candidates for board seats easily prevailed in Tuesday’s other landowner elections:

Village Center CDD
Kelly Flores – 4 year term
Peter Evans – 4 year term
oug Tharp – 2 year term
Sumter Landing CDD
Brad Brown – 4 year term
Gerry Lachnicht – 4 year term
Mike Berning – 2 year term
Brownwood CDD
Chad Ritch – 4 year term
Jim Sprung – 4 year term
Gerry Andrews – 2 year term

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