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Villager jailed after Facebooking woman and following her to restaurant

Michael Passori

A Villager was jailed after allegedly Facebooking a woman and following her to a restaurant.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies responded shortly before 8 a.m. Friday to the Burger King restaurant on Wedgewood Lane, where a woman reported she was being followed by 65-year-old Michael William Passori, who lives on Silver Oak Avenue on the Historic Side of The Villages.

The woman, who has an injunction against Passori, said that after a student dropoff at The Villages Charter School, she had crossed County Road 466 and went to Burger King for breakfast. She noticed Passori in a gold Prius and called 911. The woman showed deputies that Passori sent her 136 messages through Facebook, in violation of the injunction.

Burger King on Wedgewood Lane in The Villages.

When a deputy approached Passori in the parking lot, he appeared to be “spaced out,” according to an arrest report. He claimed he had driven to Burger King for a $1 coffee ordered through the restaurant’s app.

Passori had been tasered by deputies Jan. 20, 2018 when they were called to a home on Riverdale Road in the Village of Glenbrook where he had restrained a woman. He served jail time in the case.

Deputies were called to the same home on Feb. 7, 2019 where Passori put his hands on the neck of a woman identified as his “wife of 38 years.” They had been fighting over a credit card. He was arrested on a charge of battery and again served jail time.

After his latest arrest, Passori was being held without bond on two counts of contempt of court.

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