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Bad information on the use of roundabouts

To the Editor:

I have just read the recent issue of The Voice and take issue with the answer given by Deborah Snyder. As described in the question, the driver is heading north on Buena Vista and wanting to turn right onto El Camino Real.
According to FDOT, that must be done from the right lane, not the inner lane. The lane she says is there to accept a right turn from the inner lane is not there for that purpose.  It is there for people entering the inner lane from other entry points.  In this case, from Glenview or southbound on Buena Vista.  Below is a link found on the FDOT site.  In the diagram,  there is no red line into the first exit.  The right lane (blue line) must be used to exit at the first exit and may be used for exiting at the second (going straight).  The inner lane (red lane) may not be used at the first exit, may be used to go straight, and must be used to go ¾ of the way around (left turn) or all the way (u-turn).

Colette Klarman
Village of Mallory Square

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