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Mr. Stewart from Boca Raton, you’re an idiot!

To the Editor:

Reading your response to Theresa Sylvester’s letter urging people to not blame the president for the damage caused by COVID proves you are an idiot.
Follow the time line!
Mr. Trump stopped international flights when everyone in the media thought he was overreacting.
Dr. Fauci, who is certainly enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, did not recommend wearing masks for some time after that, in fact he said the general public should not be concerned with wearing masks. About three weeks into the daily press conferences it was apparent that he was embracing all this attention a little too much. The media fawned over him like he was a god, yes he has been in the field of infectious disease for many years I will give him that.
The only thing the Harris/Biden team are touting is the same as what is being done now and what was put in place by the president. The facilities that the president made available to governors, the two military ships and the Javits Center in New York were barely used. Who’s fault is that? Not the president.  You can supply all the materials and assistance someone needs to address an issue, BUT if they choose not to use this aid it is NOT the giver’s fault. You are probably one of those thinkers who wants to throw money at an issue time and time again when the issue is not money.
I work in healthcare. The call for more testing, more testing, more testing rings hollow. The materials required for repeated testing causes shortages in other areas of the laboratory. Manufacturers ramp up producing COVID cartridges or testing units, however they then decrease the production of other particular testing platforms. Manufacturer’s validate probably two dozen of these collection devices per platform, not just COVID for testing.  It is a constant battle. Companies are doing the best they can to insure every facility gets the testing materials they need, however hoarding comes into play here too which leads to supplies being sent on an allocation basis.
I have yet to hear one person suggest how things could have been done any better considering we have not encountered this scenario in modern times. You, Mr. Stewart are a finger pointer and a whiner and finger pointers always lay blame and NEVER offer solutions.  Have you hear of process improvement?  It is something that plays a constant role in areas of manufacturing, healthcare, etc. You can have all the plans in place for every thinkable scenario, however there is always room for improvement in various situations.  But, until you have a positive suggestion to make, keep your mouth shut.

Gayle Shepke
Former FL resident

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