Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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The election is over

To the Editor:

This has been a very contentious election, and passions are strong on both sides.
No one wants to lose, but we need to step back from the emotions of the moment at look at the facts. Many Republicans senators at the federal and state levels are elected through the same election process, on the same election ballots, counted by the same election officials as Biden/Harris, in the swing states as well as others. Are those Republicans Senators and officials also voted into office on Illegal votes? Are legal ballots the ones that are for your candidates while others are not? Is that what America Democracy really meant? The fact is, it is naturally very upsetting when your candidates don’t prevail.
Democrats feel the same anger and disappointment when they lose, Republicans feel the same way when they lose. But as Americans, we should understand that a house divided cannot stand. And do we really want to all live in a collapsed house? There must be some way to move forward passed the anger, to solve the real serious problems that face us all as Americans. America will never thrive if our creed is, “My way or the highway.”

Hanh Vu

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