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Commissioners should not make masks mandatory

To the Editor:

Mask wearing should not be mandated since there is no proof that they work. They give people a false sense of security and can be damaging to a child’s psyche. It should be left up to each individual whether or not they want to wear a mask.
There is no conclusive evidence that mask wearing protects you from COVID.  The WHO doesn’t even recommend them. The WHO recommends washing your hands frequently and social distancing.
Masks give people a false sense of security. COVID droplets go through regular masks. (Regular masks are the type we are buying in the stores and people are making). They give us as much protection from COVID as if you threw sand at a chain link fence. If you have the virus & cough in the mask, the virus is then on the outside as well. Say you are out grocery shopping and you cough in your mask. You then touch your mask (and everybody constantly touches their masks).  You then touch the produce and the virus is spread. The masks are a false sense of security.
Masks are psychologically damaging to children. Masks instill and reinforce fear. Masks make children feel that they cannot associate with people. Masks have a negative impact on our kids psyche and will stay with them for many, many years.
People want the authority to make their own decision on whether or not to wear a mask.  We live in a free country and the choice should be left up to each individual.  That is the American way.
I am a resident of The Villages that voted for Craig Estep, Gary Search and Oren Miller. I hope their pledge to represent residents applies to people in The Villages who believe it should be their choice to wear a mask. Mask wearing should not be mandated.

Virginia Chernak
Village of Fenney

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