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America’s balloting system needs an overhaul

To the Editor:

This election process, amid a health crisis, is well poised to cause an impossible situation with our election process. How would we cope with both? This mail-in balloting has caused an election nightmare. The possibility of fraud is enormous. And why? Why this exploding need for days and days of mail-in voting? Why mail-in voting at all? Why not one 24 hour period to vote. That is it. If you can’t make it, tough. You are entitled to vote but it is not up to the government to make sure that you do. It is your responsibility to get your vote cast.
This present makeshift process, which varies state to state, needs to be cancelled
If wide spread voter fraud is discovered being instigated by the Democratic Party, it could destroy that party as we know it. There are many, perhaps overwhelmingly so, faithful Democrats with no intent or desire to defraud. But how many would it take to destroy that? Only a handful. With there being two strong opposing goals within that party, pulling in different directions, the seeds of corruption may be alive and well.

Joseph Kibitlewski, PhD
Spruce Creek South

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