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Black Friday

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

Well, good old Thanksgiving is speedily arriving, although it will be different in many cases due to our familiar pandemic. It is also followed by Black Friday. Black Friday in case you do not recall, originally was associated with traffic chaos on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Now if you were up and around in 1961, you may recall that. If you are a relative newbie, you may not.  Nevertheless, that is where it got its name – from traffic chaos.

Unfortunately, we have a different kind of chaos now. There are some adventuresome people who go to stores.  However, it seems like that there are more who stay home and buy over the Internet. I don’t know if causes traffic chaos on the Internet or not.  If so, I guess that we can still say Black Friday is to blame.  On the other hand, Black Friday does not appear to be only one day anymore.  Rather, we get “Advanced” Black Friday, Pre-Black Friday or who knows what.  They all play off the Black Friday theme with the hope that the cash registers will roll!

Alright, the last sentence is a bad image as cash registers are very hard to roll.  At least the ones I have seen are usually blocky things with which you could probably not knock down even one ten pin.  The point is that it is good for folks to be able to make some dough. It is especially good now as we have been having many hurricanes.  Hurricanes as is well known have a tendency to cause chaos by destroying property both private and public.  It takes cash right then (or in the future to pay off a loan).  Having enough to at least address the hurricane chaos is a good thing. 

Chaos has been with us since the birth of the Universe.  Those who study the heavens indicate that particularly right after the “Big Bang” there was chaos everywhere.  Black Friday had not been put forth yet, but chaos was there.

Thus, it was easy to have a small form of chaos as far as traffic was concerned on Black Friday.  It is absolutely amazing how parallels exist through out the Universe.  From what I have been reading lately, the astronomers say that there are millions and millions of earth like planets out there.  I bet many of them have Black Fridays as well, although they undoubtedly call them something else as English has not travelled the many light years that would be required for them to use that language.  I am certain though that the beings there like a good price break too.  Nature is probably the same everywhere even if it is not human nature.

As I mentioned above hurricanes are an example of something which causes chaos. That means they are bad for us since we live on the Earth and suffer as a result of their actions, but nature is used to getting its own way and doesn’t really pay that much attention to us.  In fact, while I try to look at everything from the viewpoint that there is good there, I had a hard time with hurricanes.  However, if there is anything good about what has happened this year with hurricanes it is the fact that people are learning about the Greek alphabet.  I am willing to bet that some company out there trying to drum up business will bring one of the Greek names into a big sale!  They will undoubtedly try one that hasn’t been used for a hurricane’s name.

Perhaps, they will use Sigma. That would be a good one as it was the middle name of my college fraternity – Delta Sigma Phi!  Yep, if the use Sigma, I might even shop on Black Friday!

Columnist Barry Evans writes about Life in The Villages for Villages-News.com.    

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