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Dog parks and COVID-19

To the Editor:

I read the article about the possibility of COVID-19 being transferred from a person to a dog and then to others. I live very close to the Atlas Dog Park. I have on several occasions had to tell people who like to pet or stroke other visitors’ dogs not to touch mine.
I have a spouse who is a surviving cancer patient and the dog is in the house with her everyday. People in that dog park are very uninformed and naive regarding this possibility. All dogs living in The Villages live in their owners’ homes therefore it makes it that much more important not to touch others dogs. I called and requested a larger sign be put on all entrances regarding this but nothing has been done. In the list of rules that very few people read it does say not to pet or touch others animals. No one reads this just as no one is aware of the leash law and the 6-foot limit on leashes.
I do believe that Atlas Dog Park has a lot of visitors who are not even Villages residents. That is also not controlled. It has been three to four years since anyone went in to check IDs for use of the dog park.

Lonnie Morris
Village of LaBelle North

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