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Monday, June 17, 2024

Trump’s mental capacity has suffered

To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Fogle’s letter, this latest fit the president is throwing serves to illuminate a dangerous lack of accountability from our elected officials in Washington.
If one goes back to Trump’s earlier years, he can be seen to follow an argument from beginning to resolution, regardless if you agree with him or not. His sentences had appropriate adjectives and non-repetitive descriptions relating to the subject at hand.  His command of the language and ability to stay on track with an idea seems to have diminished greatly. His entire mental capacity seems to have suffered. He is mostly juvenile. This should be obvious to everyone. And no, I am not a trained mental health professional. I notice what everyone notices.
And this man is followed 24 hours a day by the suitcase or “nuclear football.” How does it happen that there is no remedy at hand that has to be followed when a President shows instability?  I am not a fan, but he needs help. This cannot be left to politics.  Surely, we must have a group of medical professionals who are above politics that could adjudicate matters such as this. If not, we certainly need to fix that flaw.

Linda Shepherd
Village of Santiago

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