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Villages couple wants more time and fines forgiven for illicit landscaping

A Villages couple wants fines forgiven for illicit landscaping at their home and more time to address the situation.

Layne and Cynthia Heilman of 1805 Dutchess Loop in the Village of St. Charles had been granted 90 days in July to correct the problem with the landscaping, which had exceeded what the Heilmans asked for in their application to the Architectural Review Committee. In that public hearing, the Community Development District 8 Board of Supervisors went above and beyond the 45 days recommended by Community Standards.

Landscaping at this home at 1805 Dutchess Loop is encroaching on a road right of way. The homeowners exceeded the plan that was submitted to the Architectural Review Committee.

The couple hopes to plead their case Friday, Nov. 20 before the CDD 8 board. In that meeting, they will ask for more time to deal with the situation and are seeking that fines be waived in their case.

They said the landscaping is an $8,000 investment. They purchased their home in 2017 for $352,500.

“When we moved in, like any Villager, we wanted to add some Florida Friendly Landscaping,” Layne Heilman said.

The Heilmans’ contractor submitted a landscaping plan to the Architectural Review Committee and won approval.

Things were fine until March 17 when a complaint was received by Community Standards. The violation was verified the following day when it was discovered they had exceeded the application that had been submitted to the ARC. The landscaping is encroaching on the road right of way.

Several neighbors showed up at the public hearing in July in support of the Heilmans. They said they had no problem with the landscaping and thought it improved the neighborhood.

“My position is it looks good. The neighbors don’t mind. It isn’t hurting anybody. The people on the loop like it. I am not going to rip it out,” Layne Heilman told the supervisors.

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